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General Discussion / Cardel Park and Polish
« on: September 06, 2017, 04:10:28 PM »
Was there any interest in setting up the SASC stand at the show this Saturday?

Technical Talk / Electric converted cars
« on: June 21, 2017, 10:50:09 AM »
Hi All.

As some of you know,  I volunteer/Mentor at . Its a program to inspire and empower future scientists, technologists and engineers through building and creating. 

I shopped an idea to the founder about a project involving the kids to convert a cool car ( I want to do a vintage Beetle,  but he likes the looks of Fiat x19's), into an electric Auto-x'er.  This would be a larger project for the shop,  and I think a great opportunity for the older kids that are getting into cars,  to not only learn and build,  but also get into racing competitively and safely.

My questions pertain to the classing of such cars (likely an A-mod),  but moreover the eligibility of competing with club.  Are electric cars allowed firstly,  and the rest can start falling into place.



Automotive Marketplace / Various Amsoil and Redline oils and fluids.
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:33:57 AM »
Description: Various Amsoil and Redline oils and fluids.  See below.
Location of seller: Calgary
Willing to ship: Maybe by the WSC courier service
Method of contact: Any way you know how
Price: listed below,  and flexible.  Let me know if they seem out of line.

I have 20 bottles of various Amsoil and Redline oils.

4x Redline Gear oil 75w-90ns (18$ each, normally 16.50 UDS)

4x Amsoil SAE motor oil 10w-30 (15$ each. Normally 12 USD)

4x Amsoil Severe gear oil 75w-90 (18$ each, normally 16.50 USD)

3x Amsoil Gear lube 80w-90 (18$ each, normally 16.50 USD) I'll throw in the half liter shown in the picture with the other oil.

4x Amsoil Manual transmission fluid 75w-90 (18$ each, normally 16.70 USD)

Much was bought for a jeep I no longer own, and some was got for a little sports car I was building. All of them are sealed and are just gathering dust in my storage unit.

Please check and see if these are correct for your vehicle.

Automotive Marketplace / FS: 2x Schroth Quick fit Harnesses for BMW
« on: October 04, 2016, 01:32:50 PM »
Used for 1 season. Schroth Quick Fit Harnesses in Black. This is for the pair. Both front seats. Price is OBO.

The Quick Fit Harness from Schroth is an excellent harness solution for people who have dual duty cars (track and street). Not many of us have the means to support a full time track vehicle as well as a street car, and still more of us like driving track-prepared cars on the street. The ultimate harness solution includes fixed-back Kevlar seats, a gazillion point welded roll-cage and a HANS device. None of us are going to (nor do we recommend) do this in our street cars.

What's the next best thing? The Schroth Quick Fit Harness. It anchors to factory points, which means you don't have to worry about it ripping out of the sheet metal. The factory points are load tested to withstand a 3,000-pound force for 6 seconds. It has ASM technology that keeps the lap belt low and your rear end firmly planted in the seat. You don't want the lap belt riding up and squeezing your stomach and intestines. A Schroth belt is designed not to.

The Quick Fit Belts also take advantage of the factory seat belt pre-tensioner, a device that tightens the belt 1-2 inches in the event of an accident. The Airbags will deploy as the engineers of the system intended for someone buckled in. With any other harness, the car wouldn't detect that someone was buckled in, so the airbags would deploy faster and harder.

They also come completely out of the car, giving you full use of your street car for carrying people or cargo. That is what it's for, isn't it? If you have any questions regarding a harness solution for you, please contact us. But if you have an E36, E46 or E39, You need to look at this belt. You're sure to see just how excellent it is.

- 4 Point Removable Harness System
- Attaches to Factory Seat Belt Receptacles
- Simple Install
- ASM Anti SubMarining Technology
- FMVSS 209 Approved

Models Supported:
2008+ BMW E82 1-Series & 1M
1995-1999 BMW E36 M3
1999-2006 BMW E46 3-Series & M3
2006-2013 BMW E90/E92 3-Series & M3

Technical Talk / Car rules and preparation for a "Street" Class car
« on: September 28, 2016, 11:02:36 AM »
Hi All,

I'm starting this thread for interpretation of the Street Class rules.  Although limited,  there may be some questions about what may or may not be permitted. 

Hopefully this thread can be collectively used for folks to prepare their cars effectively for the Street class only. No Touring, Prepared, Modified chat here please.

Automotive Marketplace / 2008 BMW 135i Partout
« on: April 19, 2016, 09:51:12 AM »
So my BMW was written off a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately I am now scrambling for a new car. I have some ideas, but interest in my various parts will help steer my decision.

N54 Cobb tuner. Like new. Works with all N54 motors.

Enkei Kojin Wheels. Staggered setup. More detail in add.  5x120

Schroth Quick Fit Harnesses. Should fit various cars.

Whiteline rear subframe bushings, and Diff bushings

I also have winter mats and some AW touch up paint.

All prices have some flex to them.

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