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Poll added, because.... why not haha

Let's see who's right

SASC Events / Re: Sunday's course map - Oct 15.
« on: October 12, 2017, 01:19:42 PM »
Looks like a mini road course 

I like it 8)

SASC Events / Re: Help Setting Up on Saturday (Oct. 14th)
« on: October 12, 2017, 10:59:55 AM »
Sounds good, thanks Wayne

SASC Events / Re: Help Setting Up on Saturday (Oct. 14th)
« on: October 11, 2017, 11:30:35 AM »
I can help, let me know what time and where and I'll be there.


Whoever picks up the key from Reijo can set the time for Saturday but I was sort of thinking 3pm or 4pm ish..

SASC Events / Re: Help Setting Up on Saturday (Oct. 14th)
« on: October 11, 2017, 11:29:58 AM »
Yes, I can print those too.  It is convenient to have 2 copy machines there ... and much faster than a normal printer!

Will look for your email (let me know how many).


I reckon 15-20 should be enough


Most stuff sold, lowered the price on some of the remaining items.

SASC Events / Re: Help Setting Up on Saturday (Oct. 14th)
« on: October 11, 2017, 09:23:18 AM »
I'll arrange to get the key (business hours) on Friday probably and then make payment for the lot.  So, we'll have to get the key to one of you guys before Friday afternoon (when I'm heading up to Leduc).

Course design (philosophy by Murray P.) and then completed by me ... so I have to pass those on as well.  I have a few touch-ups/tweaks to make on it and it will be done ....


1.  Tech forms - Cam has been stealing them and has a year's supply!  ;)
2.  I'll print up a few general waivers.
3.  Under 18 waivers - will look into that as well if there is enough ... or print more.
4.  Course maps - setup maps - will print separately - maybe 4-5 or so .... 1 or 2 11x17.
5.  Course maps - for participants - will run off a bunch at UPS probably today.

If I think of something else, I'll post on here.

So, all of the above I will have to pass on to someone.  I live in the NW corner of the city - Silver Springs ... anyone near by?

Thanks Reijo, any chance you could also print some copies of the Proxy Form. I'll email it to you now. I unfortunately live in the SW so probably can't grab the key/maps etc from you on Friday.

SASC Events / Help Setting Up on Saturday (Oct. 14th)
« on: October 11, 2017, 08:14:49 AM »
Who's interested and available to help set up the course on Saturday?

As of right now we have Cam, Richard and myself.

Reijo will be out of town for the WCMA AGM.

SASC Events / Re: Free Entry coupons from winter school
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:34:24 AM »
Technically the coupons are meant to be only for those that have taken an SASC Winter Driving School with us in the past. And yes to be able to use the coupon you must have a valid membership also.

Announcements / Re: SASC Monthly Club Meetings
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:31:59 AM »
Meeting today.

Decided to sell my car and will be converting it mostly back to stock. Car has 33K kilometers though most of these parts have been on the car for much less than that. Please note that I will not sell certain parts without the equivalent factory part back from the buyer (my price for those items reflects this).

Hyperco HPT Front Spring (3 years - <5K miles)- Sold

Koni Yellow Shocks w/ Strano Spherical Rod Ends (3 years - <5K miles) - Sold

Strano Performance Front Adjustable Sway Bar & Whiteline Adjustable Endlinks - $200

Hotchkiss Rear Adjustable Sway Bar & Whiteline Adjustable Endlinks - $125 + Your Z51/Z06/GS Factory Bar & Endlinks

Corbeau Forza Sport FIA Racing Buckets (Driv. & Pass.) w/ Sliders & Wiring Harness - $275 + Your Base/GS Black or Tan Seats (2LT Compatible)

Vansteel Camber Kit (VS-97458-1)(Z51/GS Only, won't work with Z06) - Sold

DBA 5000 Front Rotors & Aluminum Hats (<1K Miles, 10 auto-x events, no grooving or cracking) - Sold

Carbotech XP8 Front Pads (One Peice Pad Design)(<1K Miles, 10 auto-x events, plenty of life left) - Sold

Factory Satin Grand Sport Wheels (18/19)(No curb rash, scratches, bends or cracks) w/ Continental Extreme Road Race Slicks (2 heat cycles, ~20 laps) - SOLD

Forgestar CF5 Wheels (18x11.0 +23 Front 18x12.0 +56 Rear) incl. TPMS sensors (Unfinished i.e. not powedercoated or painted)(No curb rash, scratches, bends or cracks) w/ 315/345 Hoosier A7 Slicks (10 heat cycles, ~75 runs) - Sold

Vararam Power Wedge (TB Spacer) - Sold

Summit Racing Intake Manifold Thermoshield (Brand new in box never used, will include a new TB & intake mani gaskets) - Sold

BlendMount & Mirror Tap - $50

Stock C6 GS Intake - $35

Custom Made Rear Street Prepared Spoiler (Lexan, Support Rods, Brackets, All Hardware - uses only ZR1 spoiler holes, completely reversible) (currently set up for SSP, easily modified for CAM-S) - $180

Cover King Multi Layer Car Cover - Sold

C6 Z06 Front Splitter (some minor scrapes on bottom) - Sold

Would be happy to work out a package price for multiple items if someone is interested.


Hyperco front spring

Koni shocks and DBA 5000 rotors

Strano rod ends (will not sell separately, currently installed on shocks)

Corbeau FIA Buckets

Camber Kit

Factory wheels & conti slicks (Currently installed on wheels)

Forgestars & hoosiers pic of tires is when they were new this May

Thermoshield & gaskets

Vararam Power Wedge

Blend mount & mirror tap (detector not included)

Street Prepared Spoiler

Car cover

Pictures don't include pictures of the Strano Front Bar, Hotchkiss Rear Bar, Carbotech Pads, Stock Intake, Stock Splitter. For serious buyers I can grab those pictures also.

Thanks all, a fun day, cold but fun.

And thanks Ryan for the coaching.


If we used YYC more we could justify working out storing (a set of?) gear on site and less work would be necessary each event.

Already done

Schedule a minimum number of events there in order to keep the venue but do not 'engineer' attendance by requiring travel to those sites for the championship. This will show you the real desire of people to go there and YYC. People have skipped non-champ YYC events in order to go to 'required' champ events in Red Deer and FtMc so the effect is doubled and this year's attendance numbers aren't necessarily representative.

Honesty with the other venues would be a reasonable approach. "We have a great local venue for a limited time and need to take of advantage of it for our membership. Therefore we need to cut back dates for 2018...but we will be back!"

A potential consequence of dropping the 2 events/venue minimum is that turnout becomes so low at those other venues that the club loses money trying to host events there. And we need to make sure we don't do anything to jeopardize those venues after 2018. 

All this being said we've definitely heard the feedback loud and clear for YYC's popularity and with that venue being confirmed for 2018 this will all be factored into the development of the 2018 schedule.

Announcements / SASC AGM – Sunday, November 26th @ Noon
« on: September 27, 2017, 02:06:09 PM »
We’re planning to have this year’s AGM on Sunday, November 26th @ Noon at Speeders in the NE. With 136 club members this year and our bylaws requiring a minimum 20% representation at the AGM we need 28 people at the bare minimum to attend. Your attendance is very much appreciated and helps shape the club for the future. There are many important topics to discuss and vote on and the AGM is the venue to accomplish this.

Free lunch will be provided and we will also have a draw for prizes.

If you cannot attend please PM or email me so I can send you a copy of our Proxy form to nominate a member that is attending to vote on your behalf.

I would also like to encourage others to get involved with the club in either an executive capacity or steward capacity. The folks in the president, solo director and secretary positions have agreed to stay on for 2018 however if someone would like to try their hand at one of those executive positions it’s possible. We will be looking for a new Treasurer. The official positions are as follows:

President (executive)
Solo 2 Director (executive) 
Treasurer (executive) 
Secretary (executive) 

Tech Steward
Safety / Sound Steward
Equipment Steward
Novice Steward
Grid / Workers Steward
Registration / Waivers Steward

There are also other folks who don’t hold an official position but are instrumental to the success of this club so getting involved is easy if you’re looking to do so in a more informal way.

An email to confirm attendance will follow in the near future.

While we obviously had many more events in YYC this year, I think Stephen is hinting at running at levels beyond that. Is there anything preventing us from renting the YYC lot every other weekend during next season? While everyone's situation is different, I know that the out of town event's become a much larger effort with family requirements to balance. Personally, I plan on running every YYC event available next year, but will have to be much more choosy with which out of town events I attend.

In short the two big obstacles are:

1. Cost, the all-in cost including rental, insurance, port-a-potties, broken cones & equipment, chalk, flour etc. etc. there is a minimum number of participants we need to break even
2. Setting up and taking down; there are a small handful of folks that do the lions share of the work, if we're to do more events we will need more people to step forward and help with setup and take down as well as other volunteering efforts

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