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A change in work situation (and location) means my focus is up for sale.

Some details:
2.0L Zetec + MTX75 5-speed manual, approximately 171k
Non-ABS 2001 ZX-3 so it's light
Gear oil was last changed this spring with the ford magic honey
Brake fluid was changed 2 years ago
Brake pads and rotors were done 3 years ago - normal consumer-ey rotors and ceramic street pads
Since I've owned the car it has gotten oil changes every 4-5k with synthetic oil only and motorcraft filters
Working A/C
An Atsco reman steering rack was installed 3 years ago

The car comes with 2 sets of wheels:
1) 5.5" wide 15" diameter white stock wheels with completely dead garbage tires (seriously, parking use ONLY) one is super rusty because the PO let the brakes rub through to the backing plates and so it's got metal flecks embedded in it.  I tried using polishing compound and the brown does come off but right after I started I got a really good deal on set #2 and stopped
2) 7" wide 15" diameter Rota wheels, black, I'd say average condition, currently wearing some 205/50R15 RE-71R tires with well over half tread life

Poly bushings in the back end, and I have the bushings on-hand for the front end
Rear subframe with swaybar mounts and rear bar is installed, also poly bushings for the rear sway bar
K-MAC camber plates on the front
Rear disc swap (the smaller non-SVT rear discs)

Stock shocks/springs/struts
No ABS (was never equipped)

LOADS of brand new spare parts:
  • Inner and outer tie rods
  • Control arms (two left for some reason)
  • Front and rear wheel bearings
  • Spark plugs, wires and probably a coil pack
  • More stuff I've probably forgotten

Some used spare parts:
  • A pair of sway bars I was given in a deal.  I was told they are stock but I never measured them because I like the bars that are on it now
  • Spare steering racks, one SVT one normal, both used and a little leaky but good for a rebuild
  • Driver's side mirror - just needs the cables re-attached to the inner half as I had to salvage it from 2 separate cars at pick n pull

This car is an amazing deal because
  • Gets me to an event in Red Deer, through a day of autoslalom and back home in about 30-32L of fuel
  • It can haul 240 cones plus fire extinguishers and helmets if necessary
  • Tires are super cheap because they're 15" (I checked my receipts, the last set of RE-71Rs cost me $541 including tax, mount and balance)

It does need a couple things in the not too distant future:
  • I noticed after last season the front wheel bearings are starting to develop a little bit of play and need to be done soon
  • During my pre-season inspection I noticed the driver's tie rod boot is torn at the outer end
  • I also noticed the axle seal on the driver's side seems to be leaking a tiny bit
  • The battery is getting older - it isn't showing any signs of dying electrically but it looks to be leaking a tiny bit from the top.  Maybe it's all the hard cornering or maybe it's going to fail soon.

It also has a couple minor issues that will probably not cause any significant problems:
  • One of the power steering lines is VERY slightly leaking.  I noticed this when I bought the car a few years ago and it hasn't gotten any worse.  The crimp where one of the hard lines goes to the front of the car is just getting a bit built up with stuck-on grime
  • The steering rack is leaking very slightly from the plate on the backside of it.  It doesn't have any play in it or any other problems but the leak annoys me - this might not require any new parts to correct
  • Lots of things in the interior squeak and rattle and the seats are getting worn
  • The driver's door has had a very poor quality rust repair done.  It's water-tight and solid enough but cosmetically it sucks
  • The rear washer nozzle doesn't work.  It was working before I swapped the hatch and I thought I was careful not to pinch the line so maybe it's just a clogged nozzle.  I'll try to look into this and might be able to resolve it

Because I am moving out-of-province and already have a lot of problems to solve I would just like an easy sale and so I'm listing at $1500.  In my opinion this is a bargain and an extremely cheap entrance to this sport.  If you disagree feel free to make an offer but don't just message me and ask how low I'm willing to go.

This is a ready-to-go car that I regularly score 94 or higher on PAX with in STF and would be even more competitive if you downgraded it to HS.

The car will be available after the July 8 Red Deer event.  I will have it at the July 8 event if you'd like to check it out or it can be viewed weeknights or weekends at my house in Royal Oak.

SASC Events / Re: June 17, 2017 WCMA regional scores
« on: June 18, 2017, 07:28:35 AM »
Also, 69 of the 75 drivers are listed as rookies. :)

Does it count if I felt like a rookie out there?

Looks like your number wasn't reserved in MSR, and someone else got to it before you did.

I guess you will have to add another piece of tape on each side :)

My tape budget just went up by 50%!! Unacceptable!


But seriously, it's no problem at all.  I was just confused because the top drop-down had my number as if it were reserved but then it assigned me 111 and was just drawing a big white rectangle instead of letting me pick a new number so I couldn't see what had happened.  I figured MSR was just being broken or something.

The MSR registration page is being weird for me... It lists my focus as #11 in the top drop-down but then assigns me the number 111 and when I try to open the dropdown to fix it I just get a blank white box.

SASC Events / Re: June 10 practise and June 11 event scores
« on: June 12, 2017, 03:52:40 PM »
Murray - the June 10 scores seem to be missing the driver data, or something.  I think I forgot to give that to you because it's not in the event data folder (although I thought it took a copy when I generated the score files?).  Do you need me to send anything across to you?

SASC Events / Re: June 10th Red Deer
« on: June 10, 2017, 08:33:10 PM »
Missed a good day ( I got there late after a job so just watched)
Was neat to see the rain runs forsure!!!
Well looks like sun tomorrow so should be a good day!!
Did you guys run your track tires today? Or a differnt set?

Just looked out my hotel window... yeay the toad and turtle within walking distance!!!!  ;D ;D ;D

I was on RE-71Rs today and somehow they didn't totally suck.  I had a LOT of trouble braking in a straight line but if I could get some weight on the front and the car starting to turn they seemed to cut through the water and stick fantastically.  It led to some very poor technique (light stab of the brake, turn in then tail brake) which caused about 400 spins or near-spins but got me around the track in a hurry.  I'm glad the pavement was so slippery so it keeps the tire wear under control.

Hopefully the lakes in the parking lot dry by tomorrow!

SASC Events / Re: June 10th Red Deer
« on: June 06, 2017, 06:46:12 AM »
Hey guys so I registered for June 10th with my Mazda 3, figured a practice event is the most practical for me to shake off the dust and rust in my driving performance.  One problem, I do not own a printer, would it be possible for someone to bring a couple extra self tech forms and I will keep them in a binder in my car for future events?

I try not to advertise this but I bring 50 empty ones to each event - don't worry, just ask for one at registration :)

Drat, I really wanted to run my Mazda at this event but I just noticed the no passengers rule so perhaps I am better off going to Red Deer this coming weekend instead.  I suppose a practice at Red Deer would be beneficial to knock off some of the rust and dust in my performance as a driver since I have not been running for several years.

SASC Events / Re: YYC - WCMA Regional - Count as series Event?
« on: May 30, 2017, 03:32:14 PM »
If there's room for opinions on this I would suggest that we do count June 17/18 into the joint championship, but I'm not so sure about other WCMA events.  I feel like with prize money and bragging rights on the line in the WCMA series the people who would be interested are already motivated to get around to other cities to run there.  Since only CSCC/SASC members are eligible for the championship I'm not sure if it actually matters very much?

Last year when we hosted a WCMA regional we scored the first 3 runs for the regional then the best morning + best afternoon in the joint championship series.

Technical Talk / Re: Nexen Tire contingency
« on: May 30, 2017, 03:27:51 PM »
Well 4 events, always dual drivers, plus 5000 km of daily driving too as I couldn't get my other wheels for a few weeks and I drive a lot and my driving is pretty much foot near floor most places and dont slow for corners if dont need too lol

4 events x 2 drivers x 7(?) runs per event = 56 runs total. 

That's a short life for a tire.  I try to get 100-125 runs plus about 4000-5000km of street driving per set on my focus.  I manage tire wear by flipping the tires so I can eat up the other shoulder and rotating them to the back once both shoulders are gone.  That gives me 2 ways to use each tire on the front, so 4 shoulders to chew up.  If I can keep my greedy corner entry under control that has previously yielded me as many as 150 runs on a set of tires but last year I delayed flipping the tires and shredded the outside shoulder down to the creamy nougat filling in only 40 runs on a pair of brand new R-S3s.

SASC Events / Re: May 28 Red Deer event #3 Results
« on: May 30, 2017, 03:23:00 PM »
He was running in Montana at Great Falls this past weekend - 2 day event.  Could be on the road today back to Calgary ... long weekend down south - Memorial Day.

It was a 3 day event -- we just got back from the bar.  We will be heading home tomorrow.

Send e the result data, and I will updte things sometime tomorrow.

I'm just waiting a couple days for any changes to come in before I finalize them and I'll send them over at that time if this works for you?  Rather than sending them to you over and over.

Technical Talk / Re: Nexen Tire contingency
« on: May 29, 2017, 03:51:58 PM »
I don't think you cut them on anything - my R-S3s and Rivals both started ripping off the same way when they reached the end of their life.  I think that's usually caused when you massively overcook a corner and go skidding sideways on them (as I often do) trying to drag the car back to the line you want. 

SASC Events / Re: May 28 Red Deer event #3 Results
« on: May 29, 2017, 02:11:25 PM »
He would probably be more forthcoming if I sent him the score files.... :D

I'll try to get those off to him tonight.  I knew I was forgetting something last night.  A long day in the sun left me tired and without... brain... skills....

SASC Events / Re: May 28 Red Deer event #3 Results
« on: May 29, 2017, 07:16:35 AM »
Direct link here:

I always hide that url behind a URL tag to see if anybody notices the domain name ;)

Also, I should mention in case the owners of these cars are members on this forum:
The white camaro and the black camaro would almost certainly be over the noise limit at YYC.  If you are thinking of bringing your cars to events there please be prepared with a solution to reduce the noise level of your exhaust.

SASC Events / Re: 2017 Solo Fee Schedule
« on: May 08, 2017, 08:35:55 PM »
Thanks for the clarification, I just thought you used Karelo for registration of events sorry my mistake.

I finally got around to it - you can register for our first Westerner Park event here!

As I haven't put together one of these event pages in many months please let me know if you spot something that is messed up.

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