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Technical Talk / Re: Replacement walkie-talkies
« on: November 30, 2017, 09:20:14 AM »
The radios we have are Beofeng UV-5r. They are unlocked programable UHF/VHF radios. They are technically illegal but can be programmed and locked to FRS/GMRS frequencies as the Motorola’s are. There are some backcountry ski lodges using them for guests and they seem to hold up fairly well.

They can typically be found well priced in bundles like below 5 for $109.00 US

There is lots of information available on the web but not much support from the manufacturer.

Wow those are VERY reasonably priced.  Now I'm thinking about buying a set for my own reasons.  Thanks!

Tangentially related question: At U.S. Nationals, they use concrete to patch the track surface wherever it's breaking up after every run day. Could we get permission from Westerner to do the same? It seems like a win-win, since neither party wants the pavement to break up more than it has.

I did at one point ask Westerner whether we would have the option to pay or hire contractors ourselves if we desired repairs beyond what they deemed necessary and as I recall the response was that they did not want that to happen.  I didn't specifically ask about concrete but I don't think that would get a different answer.  Perhaps they could be convinced but I haven't spent the time trying as it hasn't proven to be necessary yet.

Schedule a minimum number of events there in order to keep the venue but do not 'engineer' attendance by requiring travel to those sites for the championship. This will show you the real desire of people to go there and YYC. People have skipped non-champ YYC events in order to go to 'required' champ events in Red Deer and FtMc so the effect is doubled and this year's attendance numbers aren't necessarily representative.

Honesty with the other venues would be a reasonable approach. "We have a great local venue for a limited time and need to take of advantage of it for our membership. Therefore we need to cut back dates for 2018...but we will be back!"

If Westerner does not plan to maintain the lot it's not going to last much longer.

A couple thoughts on this:
Forcing travel to other venues encourages variety and my belief is that variety is beneficial to the sport and to our members even if the travel is a little inconvenient.

I don't believe a commitment to book more dates in the future carries significant value to Westerner Park, I feel like they are more interested in the RDSCC than the Calgary clubs and that a temporary reduction in bookings at the venue would certainly become permanent.

Westerner does not plan to put any serious money or work into that lot in the short term, but they have directly stated that WHEN they repave that lot it will no longer be available for rent at anything close to our current pricing ($400-ish per day, they are suggesting it would be 4-digits).  It is not going to last much longer, probably a few more years and it will be too severely degraded to continue simply patching the holes.

I really think this is a discussion that's better suited to the AGM and/or the Monthly Club Meetings...

- Westerner venue was managed by the CSCC not by us so the future of that venue is in their hands

I think it would very prudent to offer to take over the Westerner bookings from CSCC going forward. Chris was unable to find a replacement before moving, and CSCC has multiple openings in their leadership going in to yearly elections, including Solo Director. 

If SASC doesn't step in here I suspect no one will, which means no Red Deer venue for 2018.  That location seems to take a lot of extra coordination due to other events happening there. 

I should probably chime in here.
Correct - I was unable to find a replacement before leaving and I believe the position will sit vacant through the upcoming election.

As for future use of the venue - I absolutely agree that Westerner Park is a use it or lose it venue.  If it is allowed to sit unused by us for a year it will likely not be available again in the future.  The reasons for this are 2-fold:
1) Westerner Park knows this is not making them a lot of money, renting the lot for these purposes is seen as a bit of a charity thing, they give back to the community by subsidizing our hobby
2) The RDSCC would likely be very interested in any additional available days.  I believe they have not been getting as many dates as they would like, and they have been taking weeknight rentals to make up for this.  If we weren't there to book the weekend days I expect they would really like to have the lot for as many of them as possible.

It is my opinion that we cannot let our interest in this lot lapse.  If the Autoslalom Director position sits vacant through the upcoming CSCC election then I would like to speak with some of the SASC executive about taking over the lot.

SASC Events / Re: Next events! Sept. 23/24 in Fort Macleod!
« on: September 22, 2017, 02:30:09 PM »
We put an SSD in the CSCC timing laptop,  I found the machine MUCH more responsive, boot times and windows updates times were massively improved and battery life went up about 90 minutes as well.  It would certainly help with this problem but I feel like the real solution would be plugging the web server directly into the timing application - a much more complicated task.  If the two didn't rely on writing then reading back the files from disk this problem would basically not exist.  The timing application would update an in-memory timing data structure then when an update comes along do an atomic swap for the new one so that you never get a half-updated set of data.

I'm over-simplifying the problem obviously, I guess what I'm saying is... put in an SSD, it helps a lot, but if that isn't enough it's major application rewriting and that probably isn't worth the trouble.

Technical Talk / Re: Tires/Setup Questions
« on: August 14, 2017, 04:03:23 PM »
A quick note - you cannot change wheel widths in HS, so you need to keep the width of the factory wheels but can up/downsize 1 inch in diameter.  So if the factory wheels are 18x7 then you can do 17x7 only.

I have personally crammed 225/45R15 tires onto 15x5.5" wheels - though you are going to have a lot less sidewall so that might restrict how far you can pinch them.

My advice would be to stay in HS as long as possible.  I moved to STF and regretted it.  I made the change while chasing more front camber in an effort to reduce tire wear, I never found enough camber and wish I had just stayed in HS.


Thanks everybody for helping me find a buyer!  I can't believe so many people were talking this car up to other people!  Probably would have been a way easier sell before the season started.

SASC Events / Re: July 26 YYC Practice event is a go!
« on: July 24, 2017, 02:33:16 PM »
I can't think of anybody who doesn't already know about this forum so I'd say open it up whenever you like!

SASC Events / Re: Re: July 26 YYC Practice event is a go!
« on: July 24, 2017, 02:14:54 PM »
Where's the link?

If you are a paid-up member of SASC, you should have received an email last night.  Or actually are you a member of CSCC?  I passed on info to Chris but maybe he has not passed it on yet?

Otherwise, I'll open it up for the general public later today.


Unfortunately we do not have a mailing list for CSCC members.  I could send it out to everybody through MSR but I believe about 90% of the people who attend our events also attend yours and I'd just be spamming them.  Can we just throw the link up on our forum?

Zack - the price is not super firm it was a best guess at what I thought the value would be.  I'm sending you an email right away.

Stephen - So tempting but 50-60% life RE-71Rs for a challenge event?... We'd have to bring more tires!!

Technical Talk / Re: Car question
« on: July 14, 2017, 10:37:32 PM »
Camber bolts are not legal in Street class unless explicitly documented by the vehicle manufacturer as an authorized repair method for non-competition purposes.

For most cars that means they're not legal, but in the early 2000s at least, Toyota made camber bolts available for a number of their cars for collision repair purposes, so on those cars (including the Celica and MR2 Spyder) the Toyota bolts are legal.

Well, today I learned!
Section 13.8.B
Both the front and rear suspension may be adjusted through their designed
range of adjustment by use of factory adjustment arrangements or
by taking advantage of inherent manufacturing tolerances. This encom- passes both alignment and ride height parameters if such adjustments are
provided by the standard components and specified by the factory as normal
methods of adjustment. However, no suspension part may be modified
for the purpose of adjustment unless
And Section 13.8.E
If offered by the manufacturer for a particular model and year, the use of
shims, special bolts, removal of material to enlarge mounting holes, and
similar methods are allowed and the resulting alignment settings are permitted
even if outside the normal specification or range of specifications
recommended by the manufacturer. If enlarging mounting holes is spe- cifically authorized but no material removal limits are specified, material
removal is restricted to the amount necessary to achieve the maximum
factory alignment specification.

If the factory specs the bolts or modifications as a normal method of adjustment you can go as crazy as you want!

General Discussion / Re: Things I learned while in Red Deer today....
« on: July 08, 2017, 08:42:40 PM »
Sorry again about the double stoppage.  I checked in the morning and was told 11:30-12:30 and 3:30-4:30 for the 2 weddings.  I checked again at 11:30 when we saw no cars there, and was told yup, still 11:30-12:30.  I checked again at 12:00 when we still saw no cars, and yup, again, 11:30-12:30.  Finally at 12:30 we see cars showing up and checking an extra time we are told 1:00-1:45... sigh.
Unfortunately that's the nature of the beast.  Lot rentals are VERY hard to come by, unbelievably hard, so we can't do anything at all that may jeopardize our ability to use the lot in the future, no matter how annoying it might be.

I really REALLY appreciate how cool everybody was about it, and I think bumping the afternoon up to 5 runs so that everybody got at least 3 uninterrupted runs was a good way to handle the challenge.

Thanks everybody for coming out and I hope everyone had a good time!

Sorry for any confusion - the CSCC event is definitely Saturday July 8 but I think Stephen is right and the RDSCC has an event the following day.  If you've got the time (and the tires) do them both!  They run their events a bit differently and design their courses differently plus it's more seat time :)

Technical Talk / Re: Car question
« on: July 04, 2017, 11:49:04 AM »
You must be serious about wanting a Toyota, Honda, import - otherwise, just go buy Chris's Focus for $1500 and run the crap out of it until you improve as a driver.  You'll spend at least that much modding a daily to get it where you want - 40-50% in tires alone!

^^^^^^^^ This

That Focus is about 5 seconds faster than my 2017 Mazda 3 and I will spend at least $1500 trying to close that 5 second gap.  If I had $1500 and somewhere to store that thing Id have already bought it myself.  If you have the option, take that Focus and you'll learn so much more in seat time than trying to mod something else to go faster.  You will save a ton of money this way and last I checked money doesn't grow on trees, unless your holding out on us :P

This is pretty good advice, especially since the focus comes with a set of RE71R.

As the seller of said focus - thanks for the marketing guys!  That was totally not coerced! (We'lll discuss payment later)

As for the focus, sorry to sort of advertise here, but my intention with selling it was to see it go to somebody who is looking to get into the sport.  The car isn't perfect - honestly, it's pretty ugly, and it needs a couple things, though the longer I sit with the car the more of them I will probably take care of, but it's a great starter car that has the potential to place well.  Even if you leave it in STF (where it currently resides) it often breaks into the top 10 at events with me piloting it, and I know for a fact when Steffan has driven it he can beat me by as much as 0.25-1.0 seconds per run which usually puts him 3-5 spots above me.  The RE-71Rs that are on it have just been flipped and will only be used at one more event (July 8, Westerner Park) before I am done for the year.  I would expect they have between 4 and 10 events left on them depending on how gentle you are on tires, but this set only cost me $561 including mount, balance and GST from Costco last fall so it's not like they are expensive.

Midnightsky - I may have beaten you by 5 seconds but I suspect your Mazda 3 has some more time left in it.  With good tires your car should be able to beat the Focus in RAW and therefore badly beat the Focus in PAX.  Practice practice practice, and then, tires, then practice some more.  I've been at this over 5 years and honestly, I still kinda suck sometimes.

Alright I should stop hijacking this thread, sorry!

What bolt pattern are the ROTAs with the tires.  Would you sell separately?

They are 15x7 with 4x108 bolt pattern (I think this bolt pattern is pretty rare, I've seen it on some 90s mustangs, escorts, early 2000s focii and the fiesta).  I'm not keen on selling them separately since if I part with them then the car cannot be driven anywhere as the tires on the other set of wheels are not safe to drive on.

Chris, you mean you would sell the ROTA's for 1500 and include a car to go with them  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Now you're thinking!

Maybe I should just double the entry fee for the August Red Deer event and give it away to a random person.  40 people x $40 each = more than my asking price :D

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