2017 SASC - AGM

Yesterday (November 26th) the SASC had it's Annual General Meeting (AGM), the meeting was the best attended meeting we've ever had with 44 club members in attendance. Thank you to those of you who took the time to join us.

Firstly congratulations are in order to the 2017 SASC/CSCC Joint Championship winners. Scoring was based on a best 7 of 13 events format with the added requirement of a minimum of 2 events at each venue. With 332 different drivers this season there was plenty of competition. The winners are as follows:

1st - Cam W
2nd - Richard B
3rd - Stephen H

1st - Tom G
2nd - Cam W
3rd - Tom K
Rookie (PAX)
1st - Jared C
2nd - Derek O
3rd - Michael R

Cone Killers
1st - Micheal R
2nd - Jeffrey S
3rd - Paul T

Photo by Reijo S
From L to R: Tom G, Richard B, Stephen H, Cam W, Jared, C, Paul T
Missing: Tom K, Michael R, Jeffrey S, Derek O

At the AGM we also elected the executive and volunteer positions for 2018, they are as follows:

President - Tom G (continues)
Solo 2 Director - Reijo S (continues)
Secretary - Chris S (continues)
Treasurer - Andrew L (continues)

Timing Steward - Murray P (continues)
Novice Coordinator - Dan O (continues)
Tech Steward - Cam W
Safety Steward - Richard B (continues)
Sound Steward - Ryan S
Chief of Workers - Stephen H


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