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Author Topic: Work-run format of autox. The why and what-fors etc.  (Read 162 times)

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Work-run format of autox. The why and what-fors etc.
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:52:05 AM »
The topic of working came up in the executive meeting last night (and it has before also).

Apparently we have a bit of a problem with people skipping out on their work assignment, so here's some background information on this issue and why it is important and a part of autox/autoslalom.

1.  We run, then we work.  Run-work.  We all have to help out to make these events function, because we simply don't have paid workers to pick up cones, arrange the venue, design the course, operate grid, run the timing etc.  IF we paid workers (and we could if we want to by the way), the costs would go up significantly.  So, this is a way of controlling costs, being a registered non-profit club and all.  We can keep the costs of running events down (cheap) by all of us chipping in and volunteering.

2.  So how does this work? (no pun intended):

Essentially, we trade off running and working during the event (someone has to start cars, work timing, the gate/waivers, grid, pick up cones and replace them, etc.).  Locally for most events (except the larger ones) we are either running or working (with 2 heats/groups).  The Chief of Workers (if we have someone for that position - another job), is in charge of assigning people to work assignments.  Locally at the Calgary YYC events we typically have worker sign-up sheets so that you sign up for a work assignment (that is done at the on-site registration - where you are entered at the site into the computer and confirmed to be present.  The on-line registration is separate and helps us to have you in the computer but not confirmed as present at the site and ready to run).

Now, if people do not work, skip out etc., we need to replace their work position or else the job/work is not done.  Obviously if we get a bunch of people leaving early, for instance, then the last run group will not have very many people to pick up the cones that are hit, less people to run grid, timing, starter, etc. If too many are not showing up for their work assignment, we have to delay the event and re-distribute workers etc. in order to run the event as best as we can.  If we do not have enough corner workers to pick up cones, again, the event will run slower and face delays to pick up cones. etc.   

We need people to work and do their work assignment.

3.  Here's the verbage from the Los Angeles region newcomer part of their forum about run/work:


While you run there will be others that watch the course, pick up cones, keep track of cars in pregrid, and watch the entry gate. In return you must do these items for them when they run for your work assignment.

Listen to announcements for when you should proceed to the “pre-grid” to run or report for your work assignment.

For your work assignment, check in and get instructions from the “Chief of Workers.” Failure to work will result in DNW (Did Not Work) and may result in your being banned from future Cal Club Autocross events!

When it is time for your run group, proceed to the pre-grid with your car, helmet, and anything else you might need, like a water sprayer to cool down your tires between runs. Follow all grid instructions. You may ask Grid Worker or Novice Coordinator for an Instructor to drive or ride with you if needed. If you have multiple drivers in your car, line up in the “Multiple Driver” line, which is used to expedite multiple drivers. Passengers are allowed.

4.  The LA/CalClub region runs very efficient events and there are actually very few people who do not pitch in and help out as they are supposed to do.  In fact, in my estimation, their "problem" is smaller than ours (yes, I lived there and hence why I know)!  So this is an area that we need to be trained in and this needs to be clarified.

And, similar to LA, if someone does not work, their times are deleted and, depending on circumstance, they may not be welcome back.  We will be beginning to get more strict on this due to the number of recent incidents that have occurred that we have noticed.

We need volunteers to work or else we cannot run these events smoothly and efficiently.  This is especially the case for the larger Calgary events, so we have to be strict with these requirements.  We all have to chip in and help.

If no one mans the corners, you can imagine the chaos.  As you can well imagine, it does not work.

So, please, make sure you are aware that you have to work and make a diligent effort to get out there quickly after you run.  The event is not over when you finish your runs after your heat.  The 2nd half of running, if you will, is working or vice versa.

And, of course, if everyone helps out, the events run very smoothly and quickly and we can all get more runs and have more fun etc.  Other benefits, of course, are the comraderie that comes with working together, the friendships formed, the techniques you can learn by watching what other more experienced drivers are doing out on the course, etc.  There are lots of benefits.

The best benefit?  I think it is the art and satisfaction of giving.  There are few things in life more rewarding than giving freely with no expectation of reward.  Try it.  It is actually quite "rewarding".



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